From 2018 till now, This frenchy is mostly in France again after a 40-year period in Sweden. Born 1954 in Caen, Normandy / France.

During my teenage period, a lot happened musically. Many new bands were created in Europe with influences from the American blues and rock artists. This in parallel with new jazz musicians who used a music style that were labeled jazz/rock. There were names in England like John Mayall & the bluesbreakers, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones, cream, the Who along with American names like Coltrane, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Band, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix … Many names that left their mark on my own path into the music world.
But it is actually not until now that I could get a feeling that I was on my way to acquire my own musical language and the fact that we can now build our own music studios at home with fantastic ways to record has opened new doors for me and many others.