Alain Senocq – A french guy in Stockholm.


My Oasis


My oasis in this world is to be able to sit in my little homestudio and just play with tones
from various sound-producing instrument.
Here is some of the stuff that came out of that.
I often seek more for a feeling more than a traditional composition.
Movement, color, state of mind more than intro, main part, and end.
An another kind of structure.
It probably put myself on a sidewalk in this musical world but it is exactly what i am seeking.


Listen at your own risk 🙂

Click on the pictures here below
to start listening…

Year 2018

one_step.One step. (Jan. 2018).

Year 2017

Melancholia.Melancholia is a good thing. It is the base of our soul. (Dec. 2017).

Slow Movement II.Slow Movement II. (Dec. 2017).

Tears on your cheek.Tears on your cheek. (Nov. 2017).

The Celestrian Cloud.The Celestrian Cloud. (Nov. 2017).

Flyin over the clouds.Flyin’ over the clouds. (Nov. 2017).

The Red Circle.The Red Circle. (Nov. 2017).

Light & Hope.Light & Hope. (Oct. 2017).

Bumping.Bumping. (Sept 2017).

Moving South Part 1Moving South part1 (September 2017). Moving South Part 2.Moving South Part 2 (September 2017). Moving South Part 3Moving South Part 3 (September 2017).

Jump into what makes you feel good.Jump into it. (August 2017).

Move 3/BMove 3/B (August 2017). Your joy is my joy.Your joy is my joy (August 2017). Move inside out!Move inside out! (August 2017). Process in progressProcess in Progress. (August 2017).


Believe in You!Believe in You! (July 2017).

Berlin flow.Berlin flow. (July 2017).

Move Rush 2 where?Rush 2 where?. (July 2017).

Move Intro.Move intro. (July 2017).

Summer Intro.Summer intro. (July 2017).

Ecoute toi.Ecoute toi. (July 2017).

Whispering.Whispering. (July 2017).

Slow Motion.Slow Motion. (July 2017).

waves_o.Waves_o. (July 2017). On my way Home?.On my way Home ?. (May 2017). La vie en piano.La vie en piano. (April 2017). Break The Rock & Rules.Long Time Ago. (April 2017).


Break The Rock & Rules.

BackToLight. (April 2017).

Break The Rock & Rules.Break the Rock & Rules. (January 2017).

Hate is a bad food.Hate is a bad food. (January 2017).

Year 2016

E-Motion One. (December 2016).

Waves and WindWaves and Wind. (December 2016).

Slow movement IISlow movement II (December 2016).

Berlin wallBerlin wall (October 2016). Let it flowLet it flow (October 2016). OrganicalOrganical (November 2016). Phase OnePhase One (November 2016).


Cello SweepCello Sweep (October 2016).

DaylightDream (September 2016). When tears dropWhen tears drop (October 2016).


Dublin delayDublin delay (October 2016).

MoveMove (September 2016).

loving guitarsSlow Movement (September 2016).

Inspire meInspire me (August 2016).

Chines DrumsHippie Sunday (July 2016).

Midsummer IISweet sweep (July 2016).

Midsummer IIMidsummer II (June 2016).

MidsummerMidsummer (June 2016).

Find your way homeMy way Home (June 2016).

DaylightDaylight (June 2016). My way HomeDaylight 2 (June 2016).


MeloDitoDreamer One (May 2016).

MeloDitoMeloDito (May 2016).

Simple JOYSimple Joy (May 2016).

Acoustic dreamAcoustic dream (May 2016).

red wineRed Wine (Apr.2016).

Yellow rainSlow rain (Apr.2016).

moveDance with me (Apr.2016).

Breathe!Breathe! (Apr.2016).

lightLight (Apr.2016).

movement1Movement 0318. (Mar.2016).

sweetSweet Saturday (Mar.2016).

sweat timeHeavy road (Mar.2016).

TransitionTransition (Mar.2016).

one fott after the otherOne foot forward (Jan.2016).

one fott after the otherNoiseless (Jan.2016).

Year 2015

refugeegirlRefugeeGirl, ain’t you no Christmas? (Dec.2015)

wave_ocean_nature_266077Waves (Nov.2015).

SpiralOneway and no return (Nov.2015).


solitudeSolitude (Oct.2015).

In my dreamVoyage in blue (Oct.2015).

Fragile wireFragile wire (Sep.2015).

circleCircle (Jul.2015)

Sky highSky high (Aug.2015).

crossroadCrossroad (Jul.2015).

Time of waitingtime of waiting (may 2015).

Projet BleuProjet Bleu (Mar.2015).

Here is some of the tools I use:



Many years ago We did that cover of a cover. My talented daughter wrote a new swedish text dedicated
to all the people who experienced the dark side of a depression.

När gick allt snett?

To be flexible and having an open mind.

  Flod av toner från SlowDad