My music

2019-09-22 – Soft.

2019-09-20 – Small Pieces II.

2019-09-19 – Travelling man.

New remix of older stuff

2019-09-19 –Friend to a stranger – Remix.

2019-09-19 – Melancolie – Remix.

2019-09-19 – Breath – Remix.

2019-09-19 – longtimeago – Remix.

2019-09-19 – Wave_o – Remix.

2019-09-19 – One way & no return – Remix.

2019-08-28 – Blue.

2019-08-25 – Voices.

2019-08-15 – Reflections.

2019-08-12 – Mind circle.

2019-08-01 – Why are you gently weeping?

2019-07-28 – Solitude.

2019-07-28 – Le carrousel.

2019-07-27 – Did you get hurt?

2019-07-21 – Get a softer skin.

We still live in societies that invest more in weapons than in flowers…
2019-07-19 – Power of the flower power.

019-07-18 – Summer 3.

A ”Slow version” of Georges Brassens ”Les copains d’abord”.
2019-07-18 – les copains.

2019-07-18 – Summer 1.

2019-07-17 – At the end of the road.

Summer 2019
This summer is a time of joy but also a time of loss. Two of my friends left us way too early. One in an accident and the other one in brain tumor. This little track is for them and for all the ones we are missing

2019-05-13 – We are missing you.

2019-05-13 – One idea.

019-05-10 – Me & my guitar.

2019-04-23 – Slow and sweet.

2019-04-22 – Soft wind.

2019-04-22 – Mix Sure!

2019-04-21 – Green.

2019-04-20 – Calm.

2019-04-15 – Blue Suede Boots.

2019-04-14 – A touch of blue.

2019-04-11 – La circulade.

2019-03-17 – Missing U.

2019-03-11 – Blue tunes.

2019-03-03 – Dirty feet.

2019-02-10 – L’arrivée du Printemps.

2019-02-09 – Slow Rock.

2019-02-07 – Be naiv and be proud of it!
SlowDad goes distortion…

2019-01-29 – Lighten.
When you slow down.

2019-01-22 – Enjoy Life.
Flow with Slow in this life.

2019-01-06 – A social sadness.
Despite a blue sky, many of us live in a social sadness.

019-01-01 – Crescendo4life.
Starts the year with a tribute to Life’s crescendo.

2018-12-13 – Ponctuation grise.

2018-12-12 – LightOne.

2018-09-24 – Drops.

2018-09-23 – Movement.

2018-09-17 – No angel in your church.

2018-07-29 – Next to us.
A movie I cut together and made music for. A thought about what we give to our children and grandchildren and to the coming generations.

2018-07-26 – Dark clouds.

Do I want to dedicate everyone who goes through life with this constant second part of one’s soul, the one who is not automatically attracted by the bright but instead it is the one who can both weight and enrich life.

2018-07-14 – Let it go.

2018-07-10 – Le chaos rampant.
During my teenage years in France, I was often listening to a blues rock group in my home town of Caen. The group had named ”L’indescriptible chaos rampant” a translation could become ”the indescribable creeping chaos”
A bit of this ”creeping chaos” got to be my inspiration today 🙂

2018-06-26 – Light someone.

2018-06-25 – Clear line.

2018-06-22 – Intro Vert.
This is just an intro that will hopefully be the beginning of a longer piece.
It could equally well be the beginning of something that could become a collaboration with some other musicians.

2018-06-12 – (Re)Percussion.

2018-06-10 – Search South One.

2018-06-08 – Le cirque de Navacelles.

2018-06-03 – Smooth.
When what surrounds you invites to a pleasing sliding sensation through the present.

2017-12-03 – Slow Movement.
About the desire to catch the slow thoughtful thread of life.

2017-11-25 – in two steps.
If a purposeful move out of the painful into something else.

  • tears on your cheek.
  • The celestrian cloud.

2017-11-19 – Angel.
”Angel” is a small piece I created from an idea of working with contrasts. Here is the tactile reality mixed with a more suspended inner-atmosphere … A little of what is our balancing act through life.

2017-11-12 – Flyin’ over the clouds.
On the theme: the feeling of physically or mentally floating in gravity.

2017-11-01 – Light & Hope.
A piece about the streak of light coming back after some time in the dark.

2017-11-01 – Projekt20171101.
Periods of tact and timidity, moments of calm and silence.

2017-10-01 – Bumping.
Another piece I did during the same period and on the same theme / idea as with Angel.

2017-09-23 – Movin’ South trilogi
3 pieces that were created during a period where we planned our move to Southern France.

  • Move South
  • Move South 2
  • Move South 3 (en favvo (nice walk).

2017-09-17 – Odd Play.
Another piece that follows Slow’s rule of flow instead of building music on intro / chorus / chorus and everything else that is connected to ”law and order” within music 🙂

2017-08-21 – Your joy is mine.

2017-08-19 – Melancholia.
Some are afraid of melancholy but I find it beautiful. Rather, I think the lack of melancholy or the dream of constant joy is detrimental because it depresses this yin & amp; yang we all carry.

2017-08-19 – Move3.
The same basic theme of contrast and interaction.

2017-08-13 – Move on.

2017-08-01 – Process in progress.

2017-07-29 – Believe in you.
Trust your feeling and dare to take care of them.

2017-07-15 – Écoute Toi.
Yes! Listen to your inner voice… Nourish yourself and flower from what makes you feel good.

2017-07-15 – Summer intro.

2017-07-02 – Wave_O.

2017-04-14 – La vie piano.

2017-04-02 – Long time ago.

2017-01-05 Breath.
Andas ut en stund, finn din lilla hörna.

2017-01-03 – Happy New Year Happy New You.

2016-12-11 – Waves & wind.

2016-12-03 – Slow movement II.

2016-11-29 – Melancholie.

2016-11-26 – Midsummer too.

2016-11-26 – Monotone.

2016-11-21 – Experimental heart.
Let it flow in and out.

2016-11-19 – Light train out of darkness.
Ett samarbete med min älskade dotter Fanny. En idé hon fick om att beskriva sin tillvaro när hon under sina studier arbetade på ett känt tåg som går mellan Stockholm och Arlanda.

2016-11-10 – Let it flow.

2016-11-10 – Organic.

2016-11-05 – The return of the Berlin wall.
About a new wave of protectionism that closes people within their own small boxes.

2016-10-23 – Cello Sweep.

2016-10-02 – Dublin delay.

2016-09-10 – Joshs drums.
Just a funny moment when Slow goes Country 🙂

2016-09-10 – Jump.
If a chaotic layer has its own structure where contrasts draw one another.

2016-09-09 – Mouvement.

2016-07-29 – Follow the flow Not.
A mix of impressions, everything from my memories as a soprano boy in the church in France and the magic associated with it, not at all the religious but more the sacramental, the place, the resonance, the scent and the power of the voices as they create an enchanting symbiosis and how to takes it further in one’s way through life.

2016-07-08 – Sweet.

2016-06-14 – People of the World.
A game with other types of instruments and sounds that we western is otherwise accustomed to.

2016-05-17 – Dreamer One.
A longer piece with sequences for the obsolete 🙂

2016-05-05 – MeloDito.

2016-04-30 – Acoustic dream.
To mix acoustic, electric guitar, synthesizer and drums in a form that is similar to our own dreams, in fact fractions are sometimes disjointed and elusive.

2016-04-17 – Light.

2016-04-10 – Dance with me.
No… as all slow bits are not this dancer other than on another plane.

2016-04-03 – Rebell.

2016-03-26 – Sweet Saturday.

2015-11-15 – ONE way and NO return.

2015-10-13 – In circle.
About searching in circles and perhaps this little path that suddenly attracts, the one who makes us find other dimensions, new wonderful knowledge and discoveries.

2015-10-13 – Crossroads.
A game with an old blues classic that pops up here for short moments in some riffs 🙂

2015-10-13 – Empty space.
Just fill your heart, your mind, your body with what makes you feel good. Don’t let other spoil that short time you have here!

2015-10-13 – Fragile wire.

2015-10-13 – När allt gick snett.
Min älskade dotter Fanny text och sång om det som smärtar och hur man går fri från det. Lånad melodin som ni hör…

2015 – Projet bleu.

2015 – Sky high.

2015 – Solitude.

2015 – Time is waiting.

2015 – Together with my loneliness.

2015 – Voyage.

2015 – Waves.