IT is/was my profession on a platform called IBM Power Systems. If I add a title, what many like, I’m called IBM Power System Specialist.
Back in time Art School and Musician… also enjoying to ride my BMW R9T. Previous work experience in both the world of theater in France and the film and music industry in Sweden.
Among other things, I had the great privilege of being involved in the first IT Team, which handled computerization of the cinema industry for the biggest film company in Sweden. My ”life as a dog” reflects in my life today where I belong to a flock of 3 pugs. 🙂

The Mops Gang
The Mops Gang


When I decide to stop working soon (April 2018), I see it raising thoughts with others. I have several at work and private who asked me ”but what should you do now?”

The question is not really addressed to me but maybe more to themselves.
We are all drawn with this existential question of the meaning of life and how we should fill our lives. Work has in some way become too much a center for both community and a way to fill some sort of meaning with life. I say this absolutely without irony because I understand a lot of it and it has also been a big part of my life. I have spent 40 years in Sweden involvement in several major IT projects and have found both community and challenges that have been and are rewarding.
However, it is important to balance it by keeping other interests going on. Our work, how stimulating it may be, must not take such a place that a vacuum, a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness arise when it is time to end our professional life. It’s a thought process that I’ve grown more or less all my life, regardless of whether I was at times when my work took as good as any awake hours or not.
Time is moving forward faster and faster when we get older, one is being told, and it is therefore important to early start thinking about what fills one with pleasure and creativity so that we are prepared on the day we leave our profession. There are, of course, no simple recipes for how this can happen, it is highly individual but a common endeavor should be to feel prepared to fill one’s life with something that is good for us.

Have you been thinking about how you will fill your life when working life says goodbye or when you say goodbye to work life?